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Evan Stoler, MPAS, PA-C, PSY-CAQ

Physician Assistant

Suboxone- Certified


Evan Stoler is a psychiatric physician assistant who graduated from South University in Savannah, Georgia with his Master’s in Physician Assistant Studies in 2020. Since then, Evan has completed a mental health residency at the Houston VA in conjunction with Baylor University. During his residency, Evan treated veterans presenting with a range of psychiatric disorders in a variety of settings: inpatient, outpatient, ER, consult hospital service, patients with substance use disorder, and his elective rotation was sleep psychiatry.


As a physician assistant, Evan can diagnose, formulate treatment plans, and prescribe medications, among other responsibilities.  Evan enjoys learning about his patients on a more personal level and utilizing a multi-faceted treatment approach when necessary to help people achieve their goals.  A healthy mind is a healthy body.


In his free time, Evan enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and making artwork.

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