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Please select your provider's name below


Please wait patiently in the virtual waiting room. Your provider will be with you after the previous session ends. Stay on the line for up to 30 minutes to allow your provider to finish with the previous patient. 

Confirm with your provider that your pharmacy on file is correct. 

Cancelation policy: 48 hours of notice is required


Medication Management Providers

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Dr. Munjal Shroff, DO




Pei Wen (Paige) Tan, NP




Mariam Warsame, NP

Roxanna Barzegar, NP



Shawn Green, NP





Talk Therapists

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Maria Curtis, LMFT





Sean Kirkland,LMFT 





Angela Monette, LCSW 






Elisa Piercy, LAPC

Download step by step instructions. 

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