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 Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any follow up questions! 

What do I do for after hours clinical care and in an emergency?

If you are in a state of urgency including life- threatening emergency, visit your nearest emergency room or call 911. For all other concerns, leave a voicemail or email for us. We will return all messages upon return to the office. 

What is the process of medication refills? 

Please be sure to make your follow up appointments prior to running out of medication. We suggest scheduling your follow up as soon as possible in order to find and appointment that best fits your scheudle. Any refill outside of sessions require a refill fee of $25. 

Do we take insurance? 

We accept all major commercial insurances and Medicare. For verification please send an image of the front and back of the insurance card:

Self Pay rates:

Medication Management: New $300 & continued care $175

Therapy: $150

How we handle short term disability&  FMLA paperwork? 

Our clinic is an outpatient clinic. If symptoms are worsening which requires higher level of care that incorporates to be seen more frequently, the recommendation is a partial hospitalization program. Through this program, you will gain the necessary coping mechanisms to allow you to get back to a stable place. 

How we handle short term disability &  FMLA paperwork? 

Phone: (770)438-1799


Allow up to 72 hours for a response. 

Office policies: 

Phone: (770)438-1799


Allow up to 72 hours for a response. 

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