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Roxanna Barzegar

Roxanna Barzegar holds dual certifications as a board-certified Family and a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner from Kennesaw State and Georgia State University, respectively. With over a decade of experience in healthcare, Roxanna began her journey in 2013 and has since worked in inpatient and outpatient settings. Her expertise extends to conducting psychiatric evaluations and providing medication management for a wide range of mental health concerns.


What sets Roxanna apart is her genuine dedication to the holistic well-being of her patients. She approaches every client relationship with positivity and compassion, striving to make a meaningful impact on their lives.


Outside of her professional commitments, Roxanna enjoys an active personal life along with her fiance. Roxanna shares her home with a lively 4-year-old pup named Kira, and has a passion for painting. Roxanna’s multifaceted skills and caring nature make her an invaluable asset to our clinic, where she is committed to enhancing the mental health and overall wellness of our patients.

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